The EASA Private Pilot Licence

What  you need to know

The EASA Private Pilot Licence consists of a minimum of 45 hours flight training, consisting of a minimum of 25 hours dual instruction and 10 hours solo flying. In practice, the hours taken to gain sufficient competence frequently exceed the minimum.

The student must be able to demonstrate proficiency in 19 flight exercises before they are put forward for their skill test and also have passed seven written exams and completed a short radio telephony course.

The minimum age for starting the course is 14, the student cannot fly solo until the age of 16, and the minimum age for the issue of the PPL is 17. As well as being over the age of 16 before flying solo the student must have passed their Air Law examination which can be sat here at LAC, and have passed a medical examination with an authorised Aero Medical Examiner. We can provide a list of AMEs we use, there are several in the region.

*From September 2016 students will sit 9 EASA exams*

The 9 written exams which are:

Aviation Law

Operational Procedures



Aircraft Technical

Principles of Flight

Flight Planning & Performance

Human Performance


*Each exam consists of between 16 and 20 multiple choice questions, with a pass mark of 75%. Although two exams have been added, the subjects are not new; quite simply they have been separated out to become extended knowlege areas for testing. If you have any further questions regarding the exams please feel free to contact the school reception.*

Study material is available to purchase at the flying school. One to one tuition on the theoretical knowledge is available if the student feels it is necessary. As well as one to one ground school we also run theoretical courses throughout the winter months, please contact the office for dates and prices.

Once you have your EASA licence you can use it anywhere in the world, during the hours of daylight and in reasonable weather conditions. The daylight restriction and weather restriction can be removed by completing a night qualification or an IMC course.