Instrument Rating (Restricted)

What  you need to know

Before commencing training for the IR(R), the student must have a minimum of 25 hours experience as an aeroplane pilot since applying for the PPL Licence. A minimum of 10 of these 25 hours must be as pilot-in-command including 5 hours of land-away cross-country flights. The remaining 15 hours may be made up of the IR(R) itself. The student must also hold a Radio Telephony Licence.

The CAA state that the IR(R) course should consist of a minimum of 15 hours training in instrument flying with a suitably equipped aeroplane. Not less than 10 of the 15 hours must be flight by sole reference to instruments. In order to apply for your licence, you must further complete a ground examination and also a flight test. Please contact the Flying School for the current prices and fees.