The Night Qualification

What  you need to know...

The Night Qualification is required before a person can apply for a Commercial Pilot Licence. The course is ideal for those looking to gain a Commercial Licence or a PPL looking to further enhance their skills and try something different!

As we have no lighting here at Barton, we utilise aircraft at Blackpool Airport at very competitive rates. The course is run from November-February, usually over 2 nights. It is a 5 hour course with no written exams. It is not necessary but it is recommended that the you have some instrument flying experience before starting the course.

Before applying for the Night Qualification, the following requirements must be met:


5 Hours Night training in aeroplanes including...

3 Hours Dual flight training to include 1 Hour Dual navigation.

5 Take off and landings as Pilot in command (solo)

For more information about the course please contact the office on 0161 787 7326 or pop in for a chat with one of our instructors.