Prices Correct as of April 2018

Flying Training with an Instructor:

Cessna 150 Dual Training £165.00 Per Hour

Cessna 172 Dual Training £188.50 Per Hour

Piper PA28 Dual Training £188.50 Per Hour


PPL Solo Hire:

Cessna 150 £143.50 Per Hour

Cessna 172 £168.50 Per Hour

Piper PA28 £168.50 Per Hour

Instructor Only Hire: 

Flying Instructor£56.40 Per Hour


Ground School: 

Individual Ground School £38.50 Per Hour


Written Exams: 

Per Exam £30.00



Initial year Membership £150.00

Continued Membership £96.00 Per Annum


*The above prices will be charged plus 10% for non-members*

*All prices above include VAT and Airfield Licence Fee (£13.20), Landing fees & Circuit charges are paid separately

Please see below for additional airfield charges.*

Airfield Charges:

Landing Fees:

Cessna 150 £13.00

Cessna 172 £16.00

Piper PA28 £16.00

Circuit Fees:

Cessna 150 £4.00

Cessna 172 £5.00

Piper PA28 £5.00

*The landing fees are paid through LAC and are on top of our hourly rate*