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Had a great summer of flying and would like to get your PPL exams out of the way? Why not join us for our 5 day brush up course?

We offer the following ground school courses:

1) 5 day brush up course (8 exams including exam fees, RT separate)

          -A 5 day intensive course (0900-1700) covering 8 of the 9 subjects (RT is separate) 

          -TBC (including VAT and exam fees)

2) 6 hour subject course

          -6 hours to be used whenever convenient, covering one whole subject

          -Exam taken separate at a later stage when convenient

          -TBC (including VAT, excluding exam fee)

3) 1 hour

          -An hour of ground school to cover whatever you like

          -£38.50 per hour (including VAT)

We can also offer custom courses/brush up for specific areas. Contact us with your requirements and we'll get back to you!